Monday, September 14, 2009

Hell hath no fury like someone forced to listen to annoying jingle lyrics

Well, this is a first. As I was going through my reader stats - something I try to avoid, as I really dislike saying to my husband, "Look! One person visited today" - I came upon a new comment on an old post about a jingle I had written for McDonald's salads seven years ago.

The jingle was called "I Want More Salad in My Salad," and it was catchy. Very catchy. Annoyingly catchy, to the point of wanting to thrust a long metal rod through your brain in hopes of destroying the temporal lobe so you'd go instantly deaf. I know - I had to listen to it for 2 weeks straight as we edited the commercial, and then again another several hundred times once the client made changes and we had to re-edit.

Ironically, my husband came across the spot a week ago (I thought I had craftily hidden it in our computer's hard drive) and played it before I could yell, "STOP!" I hadn't seen it in six years. It was so freaking catchy, I started bopping up and down against my will, and then almost flung myself out the window.

The commenter revealed that she had googled the jingle, and came across my blog. Presumably she googled it because she wanted to find the perp and kill her (me) with a rusty spike and some hydrochloric acid. The jingle has apparently been playing in her head for some time now, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

To the person who made the comment: I'm sorry you wake up with this salad song playing in your head seven years later. I'm sorry the words "crispy chicken" keep you up at night. If you need something to glare at (as you indicated in your comment), feel free to glare at the picture of me in my unflattering student whites. I feel your wrath. I feel your pain. I will never write another jingle again.

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  1. Never say never! This is funny. The first I ever knew of this phenomenon was through a Mark Twain story. Here's the link:
    Just goes to show that this sort of thing is neither new nor does it confine itself to package-goods jingle lyrics