Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Doug's - back at it

After the Pizzeria Bianco fiasco (see former posts), you'd think I would have learned my lesson regarding long lines and food pilgrimages. But seeing that I've been wanting to try Hot Doug's for years, it seems crazy to throw in the towel at this point. Besides, I'm getting good at this. If waiting in line for food becomes an endurance sport, I want to be its most accomplished athlete. 

So I've cleared the calendar and I'm heading back tomorrow with the same friend who accompanied me on my first fruitless trip. I'm sure Bob and I will have the same endless argument we had the last time: which chocolate is better, milk or bittersweet? The obvious answer here is bittersweet. It's kind of a no brainer. But many fine points can be made either way and that should carry us through the hour or so wait. Let's just hope it doesn't get so heated that we come to blows. 

I fished around on the internet and found the above picture. Can I be frank? It looks like the cat rejected its Friskies Buffet on top of that sausage. Maybe it's just an unflattering picture. Maybe the lighting was all wrong. How many of us are truly photogenic? On the other hand, maybe it's just an ugly sausage that tastes damn good. I'm so willing to concede that.   

The next Hot Doug's post will be a clear and detailed account of encased meats, duck fries, long waits, arguments about chocolate, and the winner of those arguments. I promise you, I will not come back empty handed. 

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